Protector of your dreams, we work for you.

At AFER Group Ltd., we serve all types of export and non-export manufacturing companies. Whether you are a manufacturer, a processor, a food processor, whatever the size of your business or the complexity of your products, you need an insurance program properly suited to what you do. We are able to help you identify your risks, assess and transfer them to insurers.

AFER Group Ltd. is able to produce the insurance program you need:

  • Property insurance and loss of income
  • Credit insurance
  • Legal insurance
  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Food contamination
  • Cyber ​​risk and security of your networks
  • Crime
  • Kidnapping, ransom, and extortion
  • Flood
  • Damage attributable to advertising
  • Product Recall & Recall Fee
  • General liability
  • Responsibility for your products
  • Additional liability
  • Rental liability
  • Liability of directors and officers
  • Error and omission
  • Pollution and environmental liability
  • Employment Liability
  • Land, air and sea transportation
  • Earthquake

AFER Group Ltd. is able to build a customized insurance program for you. Whether it is to cover the loss of your specialized equipment or the loss of your income following a claim. It could also be A lawsuit against your company or the recall of your products, we have the know-how to protect you well.

Sectors we insure:

  • Aerospace
  • Food
  • Machine workshops
  • Cement
  • Woodwork
  • Steelwork
  • Packaging
  • Printing business
  • Metallurgy
  • Furniture
  • Plastic
  • robotics
  • Textile
  • Technology
  • And many more

You are excellent at manufacturing products, let AFER Group Ltd. produce your insurance and risk management program the right way.