Auto insurance

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Auto insurance

The Quebec Automobile Insurance Act requires you to have liability insurance of at least $ 50,000.

Automobile liability will protect you against the following:

  • damage to your vehicle during a collision in Quebec for which you are not responsible
  • material and bodily injury when an accident for which you are responsible occurs outside Québec
  • material damage caused to others and for which you are responsible

However, it is advisable to choose an amount of $ 1,000,000 in third-party liability insurance. If you cause harm to others, or if you travel outside Quebec, you will be better protected. This amount is available for only a few dollars more.

Optional Protection

In the insurers’ language, the optional protection is called Chapter B of the insurance contract. In the event that you are responsible for an accident in which your vehicle has been damaged, chapter B protection will ensure it is properly repaired.

You have the choice between different forms of coverage in this part of your contract. Here are a few:

  • Coverage against the risk of collision and upset.
    This protection covers damage resulting from a collision if you are responsible for the accident.
  • All risks except collision or upset.
    This protection covers, among other things, theft of your vehicle, windshield breakage, fire damage, vandalism, wind, hail, and water. It also ensures you against damage resulting from a collision with people or animals.
  • “All risks” guarantee.
    This protection includes the 2 previous types of protection.
  • Guarantee against specific risks.
    It’s a limited protection. It covers some very specific risks, including fire and theft.

Your insurance policy may include more than one type of protection

  • Civil liability (chapter A)
  • All risks (chapter B1)
  • Collision or upset (chapter B2)
  • Accidents without collision nor upset (chapter B3)
  • Designated risks (chapter B4)

Additional protection

Vehicle rental insurance “Coverage for Transportation”

Insurance of persons

Replacement value insurance or replacement guarantee

Replacement guarantee

  • Install an alarm system (Consult your broker for the discount you may get);
  • Increase your automobile insurance deductibles;
  • Trust an insurance broker.
  • Close and lock the doors and windows of your car when parked, if possible, park in a well-lit area and on a busy street.
  • Do not leave valuables in the vehicle, in plain sight for passersby to see.
  • Make sure the vehicle’s alarm system is functional.
  • Never leave a vehicle running, unattended, even for a few seconds.
  • Zero deductible in case of hit and run
  • Zero deductible in case of “total loss”
  • Courtesy car (up to $ 50 per day, for a maximum of $ 1,500)
  • Protection for rented or borrowed vehicles
  • Enhanced life insurance in case of death related to a car accident

If you, like many people, have to pay for auto insurance and home insurance, why not combine the two? This would allow you to profit from additional benefits and discounts.

In order to ensure you always benefit from optimal protection, please keep us informed of your exact situation.

For example, it is important to tell us if:

  • You move
  • Your professional situation changes (new job, important promotion, etc.)
  • The distance between your home and your workplace changes
  • You are using – or no longer using – a vehicle for your job
  • You are using a vehicle outside Quebec
  • A new driver uses your vehicle
  • Your marital status has changed

Tell us also if :

  • You make changes to your vehicle
  • You have equipment installed that changes its value or performance
  • Have a tracking system installed or deactivated
  • You have an intensive marking system installed
  • You are storing a vehicle (or you put the vehicle back on the road after storage)
  • You, as the driver of the vehicle, have been convicted of a traffic violation or have had a license suspension.