Problems getting insured?

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Your insurer refuses to renew your insurance? Or when shopping for insurance, insurers refuse to insure you?

Have you had several accidents or claims in recent years? Have you been a bad payer? These are the most common reasons that explain the difficulties you may encounter.

Whether it’s for your car, your home or your business, AFER Group Ltd. has the solution!

At AFER Group Ltd. we have expertise for risks that are more difficult to insure. We have access to specialized insurers that have lower underwriting standards than regular market insurers. It is through our specialized market that we can offer you a good coverage / price ratio.

This situation is very unpleasant, we must be able to look to the future! Your situation is probably only temporary, regular insurers will not refuse you the rest of your life.

Ask one of our brokers to explain our different programs!

If you have difficulty finding car or home insurance, we invite you to contact us. We are specialists in insurance problems!

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