Working from Home

Protector of your dreams, we work for you.

Live and work under the same roof

What a pleasure to be able to work from home! No traffic jams, a very flexible schedule, an almost constant presence in the home …

But have you ever wondered if your home insurance adequately covers your work environment?

Make a brief inventory of everything you need for the accomplishment of your profession:

  • furniture
  • computer equipment (computer, printer, etc.)
  • communication devices (telephone, modem, etc.)
  • the accessories and tools needed to complete your work

Now imagine if you had to replace all of this overnight, taking into account that home insurance covers only a small amount of property damage related to your work at home, beyond which you would have to consider your losses!

You must also protect yourself against possible damages to others arising from your civil liability related to your work at home, for example:

  • responsibility for your products
  • accidental fall of your visitors
  • material / bodily injury to third parties

AFER Group Ltd. has the optimal solutions to ensure your property and your professional liability, as well as your home.

Your professional image is important, avoid a negative impact on:

  • your daily life
  • your income
  • your professional situation
  • your ability to meet your commitments

We work for you to obtain protection that meet your business needs. Thus, in case of a claim, you will be able to recover more easily and most importantly, as quickly as possible and so, resume to your normal activities as soon as possible!