About us

Insuring your business should not be an option. Good coverage should be part of your business plan. You work hard to succeed, so you deserve the best protection possible.

AFER Group Ltd. partners with Canada’s and worldwide leading financial and insurance companies to offer you excellent coverage for the best prices. We offer products and services tailored to your needs regardless of your industry.

We have the experience to highlight all the risks to which you are exposed, offer you the appropriate protection and negotiate for you the best premium from our multiple insurers.

  • Agribusiness / Processing and Distribution of Food and Beverages
  • Apartment blocks
  • Condo
  • Property management
  • Workshops of all kinds
  • Construction
  • Transport
  • Information Technology, Multimedia
  • Real estate development
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Sectors
  • Hotels
  • Marine
  • Retail and distribution
  • Wholesaler
  • New or used car dealerships
  • Professionals of all kinds
  • Restoration
  • Services
  • telecommunications
  • Associations
  • Wind turbine industry
  • And many more

Surety Bond

A bond is not an insurance policy, but rather a credit instrument. It is intended to protect the beneficiary from the non-performance of an obligation contracted by the principal debtor.

The field of construction is the sector where the use of surety bonds is the most frequent. The surety undertakes to the owner or the main contractor that the contractor executes the agreed contract. A financial guarantee is provided and will be granted by the surety if the contractor is in default of performing his commitment.


Replaces cash as collateral
Represents a good guarantee of execution of a contract
Allows you to select contractors
Protects the owner
Promotes healthy competition
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Risk management

Today’s highly competitive market requires specialized advice and services provided in accordance with the highest quality standards. We deploy all our energy to satisfy our customers and surpass their expectations. Your interests are at the heart of our daily practice.

We are a company that strives to find innovative solutions for risk management. Indeed, we believe that it is better to find solutions before a disaster occurs rather than after.

Our job is to develop and implement risk management solutions that help reduce the total cost of risk, while considering your business objectives.


AFER Group Ltd. offers products tailored to your needs, regardless of your sector of activity. Products that look like you and are just as unique as you!

We offer a full range of insurance products as well as risk management and control services for businesses in all sectors.

Our fields of expertise:








Advice and other information

Each company has different needs. We invite you to tell us yours by calling us or filling out our online submission form.

Want to know more? Do not hesitate to contact us; It will be our pleasure to answer your questions and offer you our valuable advice.

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  • One-stop shop for all your insurance needs
  • Commercial Insurance Specialist
  • Diversified clientele
  • Qualified staff who understands you
  • Multidisciplinary teams of professionals trained to identify, prevent, assess and control risks, then transfer them to the insurer market

Because we are THE brokers for your business!

For the past 40 years, we have been committed to:

Providing you with the services of professional and passionate people with proven experience who have the ability to properly analyze and identify needs with high professional ethics and the implementation of customized strategies, actions and initiatives.

Analyzing and identifying your needs in order to respond quickly and professionally to all your expectations and to offer innovative solutions that will make you happy.

Empathizing and understanding the dynamics and risks of your business, your business, and the impact on your business and finances.

Your benefiting from our unique CRR platform that will allow you to better identify and understand the various risks related to your operations, considering your capital, the human factor, your technology assets, and your responsibilities.

Offering you innovative solutions that will allow you to reduce total cost in the long term and a positive effect on your profits.

Presenting a vision directed towards results and teamwork.

Offering you an exceptional business relationship based on respectful relationships that emerge from trust, as well as, powerful, participative communication and active listening.

You benefiting from our know-how to set up the programs, implement them quickly, issue the necessary documentation and carry out the follow-ups.

Using our capabilities and skills, participating in the education and training of your key personnel in understanding the risks, the market and prevention that is part of our “Unique CRR Platform”.

Our business model is based on three factors: the relationship we have with our customers, the value-added services we provide, and our vision of Long-Term Risk Management.

The relationship

Setting up the visit schedule, communication and active listening will help us maintain our relationship
Establishment and monitoring of a long-term risk management plan
The establishment of our service team
Value-added services

AFER Group Ltd. has set up unique value-added services in partnership with our trusted advisors and specialized insurers.
By being a member of our Risk Reduction System, you automatically benefit from the value of our commitment.
We are always on the lookout for new services available on the market to better advise you.

Our Mission

Protect the dreams, ambitions and financial wealth of our customers while allowing us a reasonable profitability.
Offer a professional high-end service that meets the specific needs of our customers. Assist our clients in establishing their needs.
Provide our clients with effective tools to better manage their risks and help them reduce the total cost of risks.
Making a claim is stressful, it is essential for us to assist, understand and help our clients in their efforts.
Train conscientious and meticulous employees to respond quickly and professionally to our customers’ requests.
To make our customers benefit from our business network.

Our Vision

Our Vision for Long-Term Risk Management:
• We are committed to helping you put in place a long-term program to reduce risk and protect your business and personal assets.
• We are committed to working with you to reduce the total cost of your risks (cost of transfer to insurers, claims deductibles, self-insured risks, administrative costs), which will result in an increase in your profits.

Our Values

We are faithful to six fundamental principles:
• The promise of excellence
• The ability to properly analyze and identify customer needs
• Customer orientation
• A high degree of professional ethical responsibility
• A qualified and attentive staff
• Strategies, actions and initiatives customized according to our clients’ needs